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A Full Life vs. A Busy Life

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

I subscribe to a different way of living. To a life that is full in every moment but not packed with busyness. I have three boys and it is easy to get over-involved in this society with everyone around them doing three activities every day after school and tournaments on the weekend…. OK its not that bad but seriously, how is that any way to live? I’m spent and no fun to be around at the end of a day like that, I can’t imagine how it affects the kids…oh wait I can.

Here’s the deal. Kids need to have time to just be and play and imagine and run and create and read and learn to navigate relationships with their peers with an adult close by but not involved. I know I know, I can hear it now…How will they ever be able to get into a college if they don’t have an extensive portfolio showing off their diverse talents and accolades? Well, here’s a thought…what if, just maybe, their ability to fix world problems starts with the ability to imagine, create and navigate relationships throughout childhood? What if we stopped worrying about them getting into a “good school” and started worrying about their character and personality? If you focus on raising up a person with integrity, good citizenship, a strong family identity, compassion for others, responsibility to self, family and community, then the child is set up to be a successful human – it won’t matter what college they go to, they will find their way and it will be theirs.

See the meaning in the everyday you’re given. Take time to breathe it in. Let kids have ample room to spread their wings as their roots grow deep in a stable, unrushed, loving atmosphere.

Now this does not mean that there are not busy times in life. There will always be busy seasons of life so be flexible, but don’t pack every single day. Make sure there is at least one day where they can run free without TV or video games to entertain them. You’ll be amazed at what you and they will learn.

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