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  • What has happened to my happy kid?

  • How do I help them through _____ (anxiety, depression, perfectionism, social anxiety, body image issues)?

  • Why is my teen so unmotivated and lazy?

  • How do I make them care about academics?

  • How do I help them find balance in their busy schedule?

Parenting teens is hard, and now more than ever. We are in uncharted territory so we must evolve and adapt to help our kids navigate the path to adulthood.

Teen coaching helps teens understand their emotions, regulate and reframe their self-talk, and empowers them to take control of the life they want to live.

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Rise to the life you envision

Take control of your narrative

At Rising Phoenix Life Coaching, my goal is to support and train a generation of leaders and culture changers to lead from their heart, mind, and core with confidence, empathy, and integrity. I believe teens and young adults have the capabilities to be powerful and purposeful humans. I also believe that this time in one's life can be full of turmoil, tension, angst and uncertainty, which can create ineffective and harmful thinking patterns that prevent success. Through building trust, equipping with skills, attacking fears and fostering self-awareness, we enable our clients to live authentically and wholly as they navigate the developmental transitions and tensions.

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Create the life you want

Clarify your vision
Improve your relationships
Communicate with clarity and compassion
Establish a healthy mindset and tackle fears and obstacles to success

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Parent & Family Life Coaching

We all think, behave, and act in a system together, impacting each other in ways beyond our intended purposes. As a parent and family coach, I help parents foster healthy communication, establish boundaries, and empower their children to become not only independent, but interdependent - looking outward to where they can pitch in and be a leader.

Teen Life Coaching

"It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men." ~ Fredrick Douglass
Is your teen struggling to balance the demands of their schedule? Do they seem to lack motivation and drive to do anything? Just as an athletic coach, a teacher, or mentor can impact the growth of the teen, a Life Coach is invested in their growth and success as a whole human and citizen of Earth. We believe that each human has the answers to their questions and conflicts within themselves, and just like learning to walk and talk and read, learning to hear your truth takes training and inspiration. Forming a healthy inner dialogue takes practice and correction, much like learning a foreign language.  By building strong children, we enable a new generation to foster closer relationships and create more effective and productive societies.


Career Coaching Session

Are you ready to find your purpose? Do you feel like you are reaching burnout or functioning as a cog of a wheel you don't want to be a part of? Are you ready to make a career change? My specialization will help guide and inspire you to achieve more of your personal and professional goals. Get in touch today and start taking control of your life with my coaching tools and techniques.

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